Why We Need Strong Password and How We can Create it

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In today’s world, online security is the most common problem for all of us. As you know we are surrounded with Social media, Online tools, and Gadgets in daily life. We need to protect them from hackers and unwanted users. I will recommend that do not use any free or pirated antivirus in your device. Use proper antivirus to protect your device as well as your data.

For social media, accounts do not use your name, birthday as a password. Do not use a simple password like 12345 or qwerty. Most of the people use this kind of password for their profile. It’s too dangerous for the social media profile as well as tools and devices. You need a more strong password for your social profile, online tools, and gadgets. You can make a strong password using some online password generator.

You should use 2 step authorization for your G-mail, Hosting service, Facebook, and Twitter. In this way, you can get double protection from hackers and unwanted users. Also, activate the password recovery option every. In case you forget your password then you can easily retrieve your password by your mail id, phone number or any security questions. You should use a complex password every time for high security.

Remember a few things when you create a password

1. One Uppercase letter.

2. Lowercase letter.

3. Use number.

4. Use special character.

5. Do not use consecutive numbers.

6. Do not use consecutive alphabet.

7. Minimum 8 characters in length.

Also, keep in mind that do not click any fake link from an unknown source. If you get unwanted mail in your inbox then do not open any link and make the mail as spam and delete it from your inbox. Always update your system software and apps for better security. You can use a master document and note down your all password there and protect the document with a master password.

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William Messer

Really very helpful article. But sometimes many site does not allow numbers.