Top 5 Content Writing Tips You Need to Learn

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As you know, the requirement of digital marketing is very high for any business organisation at the present time. If we talk about the most powerful platform for digital marketing, it will be your own business website. To get more traffic on your website, you will need to focus on the content and many other aspects of the website. Blogs are considered as one of the powerful factors that can attract a big amount of web traffic to any website. However, it is very important for any writer to work on the blog with perfection to attract the maximum number of traffic to the website.

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For any writer, blog writing is like an art and it is not a cup of tea for every individual. Like any other project, you will need to start working on the blogs with a perfect strategy so that you can make it perfect for everybody out there. As a writer, it is very important to understand the requirements and desires of the readers online. You have to understand what they want to read and what they want to find in your content. For every website, there will be a different kind of targeted audience and it is very important to focus on the audience when you want to know how to start a blog writing for any website. If you are a beginner and want to impress the targeted audience with content of your blogs, here are some of the useful tips for writing blog for every writer

Step 1: Start with a proper planning

🔹 Pick the interesting topic

First of all, focus on the topic to start a blog. The topic should be interesting not even for the readers but also for the writer. If you are writing the blog with your own interest in the topic, it will be more and engaging for everyday reader. You may pick something that is in trend and readers want to know more about the topic.

🔹 Creating an outline for the blog

After selecting the right topic, you will focus on the outline of the blog because it will work as a rough idea to manage your content in a perfect way. In the outline for your content, there will be an eye-catching title, introduction, subheadings, bullet points and conclusion. It will be good to make research about the content that you are going to use in all these phases of the blog.

🔹 Research on the topic

To become a professional blogger, it is essential to give some time to the research so that you can find the facts and complete information about your targeted topic. You may use various sources including websites and articles online where you will get all kinds of information about your selected the topic. After that, you will check the facts because there may be some incorrect information on a few websites. It is essential that you can pick the information from some of the reputed websites like Wikipedia that you can trust.

Once you complete the planning for your blog, you exactly know that how to write on that topic and what will be the overall layout of the blog. After that, you are ready to go for the next step to create an excellent blog for your audience.

Step 2: Creating a great headline

As said, a professional writer can impress any reader with a great headline and can force to go for the complete content in the blog. Before starting the original content of the blog with your research the information, it is always essential to start with a proper headline for your targeted readers. Creating the right headline is one of the primary challenges for any writer in any blog. If you are looking to impress the readers, your headline should be short, simple as well as descriptive for the readers. It should be like a click bait that can attract eye of every reader towards it.

As a reader, no one wants to waste time to decode the language of headlines or to read three or four lines of headline before any content. While creating the headline, it will be good if you are able to think like a reader. When you see something short, simple yet elegant as a headline, you will probably click on it and give some time to know about the content in the blog. Therefore, it is very important that you can focus on the content in the headline to make it more engaging and impressive for the targeted audience.

Step 3: The script part in blog

Once you have created a perfect headline for your blog, you are ready to go for the next step that is the writing part with a perfect script and engaging content in the blog. If you know the basics about what is blog writing, you know that every writer has are unique writing style and working style. Some of the writers want to complete and the blog in a single sitting while some others complete it over time in a few hours or even days. There is nothing wrong in both of the styles so you can pick whatever you like in it.

While creating the content for your blog, it should be according to all kinds of readers, not for a few one. Always understand that every reader is not same and most of them are unable to give time to decode the language if you are trying to make it more professional. There is a secret role of a successful blog, keep it simple and easy to understand for every reader. It will be good if you focus to make it interesting for the readers because they want a perfect combination of knowledge, simplicity, humour and correct facts in any blog. Don’t try to make it boring for the readers. Sometimes, writers focus to make the blog more professional and complicated that is never a good idea if you want to make it better for the readers.

In the writing part, you should keep the paragraphs short that can change with the information. It is always an excellent idea to use subheadings and points because the readers always focus on it. Without subheadings and points, the readers will not find the exact information that they want to see on the blog. They have to read all the blog to find even small information from it. Few readers may not like it so you should focus on the paragraphs, subheadings and wants to make it more impressive and useful for the readers.

Step 4: Use of the images

If you are going to write for websites, it will be completely different from the writing for any printing purpose. While writing for the web, it is important that you make it more interesting for the details. Instead of going for a simple text in the blogger, it will be a great idea to use interesting images and designs. Most of the readers like to see the interesting and related images in the blog because they find it more interesting as compared to simple text on the websites. Visual content is always great as compared to simple text in any blog.

With the help of images, you can make the content easy to understand for the targeted audience as compared to the simple text content in the blog. in the images, you can also include charts, tables, diagrams, infographics or any graphics images that can relate with the content in the blog.

Step 5: Editing and finalisation

If you think that writing part is difficult in any blog, you may be completely wrong. You will find editing part harder in any blog post. You may find any easy way to write the blog but it is very important to give some time to editing and finalisation. Editing is not only about fixing the sentences, grammatical errors and sentence structures. Here are some of the important points that you will cover in the editing and finalisation part of the blog writing .

🔹 Fix the sentence structure

As a writer, you know that you can write any sentence in different ways to make it more engaging and interesting for the readers. In the editing, first of all, you will focus on the sentence structure. Give some time to check if you can make it more impressive and interesting for the readers. He will also check for the grammatical errors while fixing the sentence structure.

🔹 No space for repetition

As a professional writer, you should understand that there is no space for repetition in the content for a well-written blog for any website. In the editing part, focus to remove the repeated part from the content. With experience and time, you will learn to avoid the repetition in the content and it will be a right step to make your content perfect for any website or blog.

🔹 Make the sentences and paragraphs shorter

It is never a good idea to write the whole paragraph in a single sentence in any blog. In the final phase of the writing, you should always remember to keep the sentences and paragraphs shorter because it will be easier to understand for any reader. With short paragraphs, the readers can easily understand the complete structure of the blog and can pick the required information easily without any kind of confusion.

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🔹 Never afraid to make changes

One thing is for sure that you should never afraid to make the changes in your written content. It may take some time to complete the blog but if you are serious to make it perfect and professional, changes are always required in it. It is not possible to write the perfect blog on the first try even for the professional writers.


After focusing on all these faces of editing and finalising, any writer can provide amazing and perfect sentence to the targeted readers and audience online. If you are following all these steps to know how to do a blog for your targeted readers, you will be able to make it professional and interesting to get more traffic to the website.

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