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This page contains the information regarding our policies that you will need to accept to browse any kind of information on our website. We may use several kinds of data to make improvements in our services for every visitor of the website. Before start using our services, read all the policies regarding collection, disclosure and use of data on the website.

By using our services, you agree to all the policies about the collection and use of data as per our policies. We focus on data protection so you don’t have to worry about any protection issues regarding your personal information while using our services. Although we did not collect any personal information about the visitors yet, we may ask for it and you will need to provide it to get the information or services that you want from us.

What kind of personal information we may collect?

At our website, we may ask about the personal information for your identification as a visitor and you may need to provide the information or data regarding your:

* First and last names

* Telephone numbers

* Postal and email addresses

* Identity numbers

* Identity documents

* Career & educational documents

* Contact information

Need of personal information:

We may need to use your personal information regarding the following concerns:

* When the users want to contact us regarding any concern

* While going to browse our services and website

* Subscribing to the newsletters on our website

* Participating in any discussion, message or bulletin board forums

* Registration for any of the events

* Submitting your CV or Education information to work with us

* Asking us for any digital marketing or web services

In all these kinds of scenarios, we may need to use your personal information that you will provide to us. We use personal information to provide the desired services for the visitors of our website. We also make improvements in the services and business with the use of all such information. If someone is interested to work with us then the personal information will be used for it. We also collect personal information to offer better support services when your contact us regarding any query or concern.

We may also collect additional data and information regarding the visitors of our website as given below:

Usage data:

On our website, we may collect the data and information regarding the use and access of our services by the users. This kind of data may contain the information of IP address of your computer, type of Browser, version of browser and pages of our website that you are browsing. We may also track the data regarding the time and date of browsing the website by the users and time spent on the specific pages of our website.

Tracking and cookies data:

We may use cookies or similar kind of tracking technologies to know about the activities of the visitors on our website. Cookies are small files having small data amount that may include an anonymous unique identifier. Cookies are sent to the browser of the computer and it will be stored on your device. It is used to track and collect the information that will be used to make improvements in our services for the visitors of our website.

You may choose the option to accept or decline in the cookies according to the instructions of your web browser. We may use the cookies including session cookies, preference cookies and security cookies for the visitors of the website.

Security of your data:

We know the importance and value of data collected on our website. However, you should understand that nothing is 100% secure on the Internet and there may be some of the threats anywhere online. However, we try our best to provide complete security and protection for the data of users so you should understand the meaning of no security guarantee regarding any data anywhere online.

Sharing personal information:

We are going to use our services for browsing our website, you should know that we may share or disclose your personal information or data with third parties for individuals for several purposes. It may contain:

* The purpose of submitting the information

* For the administration management and maintenance of our website

* For the administrative and internal purposes

* To make improvements in our services for the visitors

* To provide the requested services to the users

* For the research and Analysis purposes

* For the development of the services and business

We may transfer your personal information on the international level in other countries also.

Retention of personal data:

We may retain the collected personal data and information as for as long as we need it for the give it purposes above. Normally we need the personal data of the users for about 2 years after your last contact and you can contact us any time to get more information regarding it.

You may ask for the copy of personal data and information that we have about you. You may also ask for any kind of update or changes in your personal information. For example, you may make changes in your personal information like contact details with time.

Links to third parties:

Our website may have links to third party websites or services that are not controlled by us. The third party websites may not have operations under our terms and conditions and may have different policies. When you redirect to any third party website or service, our privacy policies will not be applied after that. We suggest you to review the policy policies and terms of third party sites before using the services for browsing the websites. We will not be responsible for any kind of loss or security related risk that you may get with these third party websites or service providers.

Marketing communications:

We may use your personal information to contact you regarding the feedback, newsletters, surveys or marketing purpose. If you do not want to receive the marketing communications from us, you may choose the option to decline it and you may choose the option of unsubscribing below the emails regarding the newsletters or other communications.

Changes to our privacy policy:

We may need any kind of changes in our privacy policy without asking the visitors for it. It is suggested that you check the privacy policy each time when you are going to get any of our services. It will be your responsibility to know about the changes to our privacy policy when we will update it on the website.

Contact us:

We understand that users of our website or services may have several kinds of questions and queries regarding this information on privacy policy. You may need to know more about the collection and use of your personal information on our website. In this kind of scenario, you may choose the option to contact us and can get more information anytime. We are always here to serve the visitors who use our services or contact us. We value your time and data so we always make improvements in the services with all your information.