How Can You Choose Proper Username for Your Business

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Suppose, you have a business and you want to promote your business in social media platform. For this, you need a Facebook Page, Twitter, and Instagram. When you create a page or account you should need to choose a proper username. Proper username is an identity in the online world. Social media promotion is the one of the best way to grow your business. You can create a good impression by choosing a proper username.

How to Choose Username

1. Your username in the identity in the online platform. Chose your brand name like”pingmeloud“. Make sure your username is as per your business name.

2. Do not use your name as your business username.

3. Do not use unnecessary numbers in your business username.

[ If your brand name contain number then you can use it ]

4. Use simple and, short username as much you can.

5. Make sure username should be easy to remember for a customer.

6. If you have a website, then use your domain name as a username.

7. Try to avoid underscores. [ your_business_name ]

8. Never use consecutive letters. [ yourrrr_businesss_nameee]

9. You can make it unique by using uppercase and lowercase alphabets.

[ YourBusinessName – You can create your username link this  ]

10. Think twice before creating a username. You may not be able to change it later.


Next time your client can find your business page by search your username in social media platform and search engine like Google, Bing, Baidu etc. You can choose a username by your business type or business name. You can edit username easily in every social media site.

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